10 Apr 2010

Appreciating Our Past

It   is  easy  to  be  negative about  past  mistakes and  happiness.But  it  is  much  more  healing  to  look  at  ourselves and  our  past in  the  light  of  experience , acceptance and  growth.Our  past  is  a  series  of  lessons  that  advance us  to  higher  levels  of  living and  loving. The  relationships  we  entered, stayed in or  ended taught  us  necessary  lessons.

Some  of us have  emerged from   the  most   painful  circumstances with  strong  insights  about  who  we  are  and  what  we  want. Our  mistakes? Necessary. Our  frustrations, failures  and  sometimes stumbling attempts  at  growth and  progress? Necessary  too. Each  step  of  the  way, we  learned.We  went  through  exactly  the  experiences we  need  to, to  become  who  we  are  today.Each  step  of  the  way, we  progressed. Is  our  past  is  mistake? No! The  only  mistake  we  can  make  is  mistaking  that  for  the  truth.
Today,  thanks  god, help  me  let go  of  negative thoughts I  may  be  harboring  about  my  past circumstances  or  relationships.All  that  has  brought  me  to  today.

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